How to Benefit from a Deep Tissue Massage

As its name suggests, deep tissue massage is a modality that focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles, including the fascia. The fascia is the protective layer that surrounds the muscles. With the use of firm pressure, the tightening in the muscles and fascia are released, which leads to a feeling of relief and relaxation. 

Licensed massage therapy experts use this massage to target the myofascial layer of the muscles using sustained gentle strokes. The effect includes an improved physiological change in the body, including the spine and the soft tissues.  

How is Deep Tissue Different from Other Types of Massage? 

Deep tissue massage is much like the Swedish massage only the latter is more superficial. Deep tissue works deep into the connective tissues, which is why it is given such a name. It frees muscles from getting tangled and entrapped, eventually providing improved relaxation. The techniques used in this type of massage is also different, as it is not like most massage therapies that use friction, tapping, petrissage, and effleurage.  

Since deep tissue massage is different from most the others in one way or the other, it is important that you tell the massage therapist the goals that you want to achieve before jumping onto the massage table. That way, the therapist can adjust to your needs using the modality that will lead you closer to your goal. 

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits  

Getting a massage is necessary if you want to help your body relax. That’s the common benefit you’ll get from all kinds of massage therapy. But the ones that you’ll most likely enjoy from a deep tissue massage are as follows: 

  1. Pain management 

One of the most common benefits of deep tissue massage is pain management. Deep tissue massage therapy is known to ease and lessen the magnitude of pain. If deep tissue is combined with other therapies like stretching exercises, then the effect will be compounded.  

  1. Better movement

If you experience tightening in your muscles that prohibits you from moving freely, then deep tissue massage could help. It’s a fact that scar tissues tend to form whenever the body is injured. To heal the body from such an injury, deep tissue massage can help. This is because those scars tend to nestle deep within the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  

  1. Better lung and heart functions

Deep tissue massage isn’t just beneficial to your muscles but also to your internal organs, more particularly the heart and lungs. This massage positively affects one’s heart rate and blood pressure. Your overall health is improved with regular massage therapy sessions. 

  1. Ease stress

If your body is stressed, then you’re going to need massage to ease your body of the pain. Stress is mainly experienced because of the increased pressure and demands a person experiences from home, school, work, and other factors. Studies show that deep tissue massage can considerably help improve one’s physical and mental health.  

If you think that you need to get some sessions of Charlotte deep tissue massage therapy, there are qualified service providers around you. Hire the one that is genuinely concerned with your overall health.